Counting House is a leading payment processing company based in Vancouver, Canada. Our specialized knowledge in international jurisdictions makes us uniquely qualified to assist with government-regulated sectors. This refers to all businesses that must be regulated by an approved government body.

Counting House facilitates payment processing solutions, creating customized plans that may include domestic and international payment strategies. We expand your company's reach by giving you access to easy-to-use inbound payment processing services and outbound payout services in major markets, and in countries that may once have been considered inaccessible.

Whatever your industry, we're confident we can provide a solution to your most pressing payment queries.


With over two decades experience in international jurisdictions, Counting House is uniquely qualified to offer payment processing services to government-regulated industries.

Counting House is a leading payment processor for these industries with extensive knowledge and expertise. Rely on Counting House for any inbound or outbound, local or international payment processing needs for any regulated industry.

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